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We’re not your typical boutique law firm.

The HRM Approach

We are a different type of law firm.

At HRM, we employ a five tiered hands on approach centered on teamwork and open and clear communications. This places us immediately on the same page as our clients and allows us to vigorously pursue their interests by proactively approaching each case and developing a prompt, concrete, practical and effective strategy.


1) We strive to understand your needs, interests and expectations

HRM is a results driven firm. To obtain the best result for our clients though, we must first know their needs, interests and expectations. What is the optimal result for one client may not be the optimal result for another client. We are mindful of this and endeavor to provide personalized legal representation through frequent and open communications with our clients where their objectives are discussed then evaluated in a practical manner.



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We’re not just another group of suits.

2) We value quality over quantity

At HRM, the quality of our representation on each case is far more important to us than the number of cases we have or transactions we are involved in. Attorney work loads are limited to manageable numbers to allow each attorney to have comprehensive knowledge of each case he/she is handling. Our attorneys always return each phone call and/or email promptly.



3) We provide prompt and tangible advice

We are constantly keeping our clients abreast as to significant developments in their case and in the law. This permits us to provide reasoned concrete practical evaluations and advice. This also allows our clients to make the most well reasoned decisions and assists in alleviating uncertainty in business transactions and that litigation is bound to bring.



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We know the ins and outs, down to the bone.

4) Preparation, preparation and more preparation

Preparation, preparation and more preparation is a simple, yet one of the most effective mantras at HRM. Our attorneys seek to out prepare our adversaries whether it be in drafting legal papers or preparing for a deposition or trial. A well prepared knowledgeable attorney will always have a significant advantage over his/her less prepared knowledgeable counterpart.



5) Effective and efficient resolution of cases

We are mindful of the expenses associated with the legal process. Sometimes the best resolution to a dispute may be to avoid litigation altogether and work out an agreement. At HRM, we frequently explore alternative dispute resolution and will recommend them to our clients when we believe that it is in their best interest.